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Seal Band

Internal use overlap tape with a stiffer backer, ideal for ease of application on long join runs.

Water repellent, airtight and vapour permeable, paper support with acrylic adhesive and separation layer in 3 different variants, of either 60mm, 12/48mm, or 30/30mm.

Separation layer variants allow for ease of sealing corners, and edges.

Passive House Certified.

Codes and Dimensions

Codeex codeliner split (mm)W (mm)L (m)pcs/box

Technical Specifications

Total thicknessDIN EN 1942approx. 0.30 mm
Tear strengthDIN EN 14410> 70 N/cm
Expansion capacityDIN EN 14410> 5 %
AdhesivenessDIN EN 1939> 15 N/cm
Water Vapour transmission (Sd)EN 19316 m
Temperature resistance--40C /+ 100C
Application temperature-> -10C
Storage temperature-+15C /+ 30C
VOC emissions-0% (class A+)