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Plaster Band Out

Water/airtight, yet vapour permeable. PP membrane backer with acrylic adhesive and split separation layer.

Ideal for use on multiple substrate types. Versatile, great flashing, sill, window to frame, and general sealing tape.

The extended edge separation layer protects the tape roll if it is laid down on its side.

Can be plastered over.

Codes and Dimensions

Codeex codeLiner SplitW (mm)L (mm)pcs/box
PLASTOUT1263D6744112/63 75255

Technical Specifications

Mass per unit areaEN 1848-2400 g/m2
Water vapour transmission (Sd)EN 19310.04 m
Maximum tensile force MD/CDEN 12311-1260/180 N/50 mm
Elongation MD/CDEN 12311-176 / 50 %
Resistance to heavy rainEN 1027> 600 Pa
Application temperature-> -10C
Temperature resistance--40C / +80C
Reaction to fireEN 13501-1class E
UV resistance-3 months
WatertightnessEN 1928class W1
Storage temperature-+5 / +25 C
Solvents -NO
VOC emissions-0% (class A+)