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Gemini Band

High-adhesive double-sided screw and nail sealant tape.

Made of a closed-cell polyethylene (PE) foam profile with a double layer of acrylic glue and separation layer.

Codes and Dimensions

Codeex codeThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (m)pcs/box

Technical Specifications

Specific weightISO 845approx. 30 kg/m3
Tear strength MD/CDISO 1926325 / 220 kPa
Elongation MD/CDISO 1926125 / 115 %
Compression strenghtISO 3386/12 kPa at 10% compression
Compression strenght ISO 3386/13 kPa at 25% compression
Compression strenghtISO 3386/15 kPa at 50% compression
Reaction to fireDIN 4102class B2
Water adsorbancyISO 2896<2% vol.
Thermal conductivity-0.04 W/mK (a + 10C)
Temperature resistance --30 / +80C
Application temperature-+5 / +40C
Storage temperature-+5 / +25C
VOC emissions-< 0.02% (class A+)