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Front Band UV 210

Front Band UV 210 Universal single-sided tape, water and airtight, vapor-permeable, highly resistant to UV rays.

Tape backer of monolithic membrane TRASPIR EO UV 210 with acrylic adhesive and separation layer.

Ideal use for partially open facades.


Supports use of monolithic membrane TRASPIR EVO UV 210 for excellent aesthetic performance


Combined with the membrane TRASPIR EVO UV 210, guarantees unlimited UV stability over time

Codes and Dimensions

Codeex codeW (mm)L (m)pcs/box

Technical Specifications

Total thicknessDIN EN 1942approx. 0.60 mm
Tear strength DIN EN 14410> 100 N/25 mm
Expansion capacityDIN EN 1441020%
AdhesivenessDIN EN 1939> 30 N/25 mm
Water vapour transmission (Sd)EN 19310.04 m
Temperature resistance--30 / +100 C
Application temperature-> +5 C
UV resistance with open joints up to 50 mm wide, exposing no more than 40% of the surface.-permanent
Storage temperature-+5 / +25 C
VOC emissions-< 0.02 % (class A+)