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Frame Band

Self-expanding Sealing tape for Windows and Doors, Water/Airtight and vapour permeable.

Precompressed polyurethane foam impregnated with fire retardant on polyethylene (PE) film.

Seals cracks between 2 & 10 mm, adjusting to the surface, ensuring water and airtightness, and vapour control.

Also guarantees a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Codes and Dimensions

Codeex codeMaximum expansion (mm)Suit gap sizes (mm)W (mm)L (m)pcs/box

Technical Specifications

ClassificationDIN 18542class BG1 & BGR (1)
Thermal conductivityEN =< ).048 W/mK
60mm Frame U valueDIN 4108/30.8 W/m2K
70mm Frame U valueDIN 4108/30.7 W/m2K
80mm Frame U valueDIN 4108/30.6 W/m2K
Internal Sd valueDIN EN ISO 1257225m
External Sd valueDIN EN ISO 125720.5m
Resistance to heavy rainEN 1027=> 1000 Pa
Leakage transmission coefficientEN 12114a = 0.00m3/(hm(daPa)n)
Compatibility with other building materialsDIN 52435according to standard
Dimensional toleranceDIN 7715 T5 P3according to standard
Reaction to fireDIN 4102class B1
Acoustic unsulation Rst,w(C;Ctr) (2)IFT Rosenheim45 (-2:-6) dB
Temperature resistanceDIN 18542-30C / +80C
Application temperature-=> +5C
Storage temperature-+5C / +20C
VOC emissions-<0.02% (class A+)