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Traspir Metal & 3D mats for metal tray/standing seam roofs

Ideally suited for under metal tray/standing seam roofing, provides water/airtightness with vapour permeability and with micro ventilation layer between roof cladding and rigid substrate underneath.

Prevents moisture build-up PLUS reduces heat transmittance into the rigid sheathing, further reducing material and lifecycle stress. Increases thermal inertia and thus reduces energy requirements for summer cooling.

Certified Noise Reduction

The 3D mat incorporation guarantees reduction in airborne and heavy rail noise. Values tested and certified.

Protective Felt

The breathable membrane with 3D grid includes a fifth layer that blocks impurities and improves ventilation.

High Density 3D Grid

The 3D mat has high mechanical strength and is also appropriate for aluminium sheet metal..

AUS/NZ 4200.1 Class 4

Classified as a Class 4 vapour permeable membrane.

Where can it be applied?

Traspir Metal & 3D mats for for metal/standing seam roofs

Codes and Dimensions

Code ex codeDescriptionTapeH x L (m)A (m2)
TTMET580D42786TRASPIR 3D COAT TT1.5 X 2537.5
3DNETD427723D NET-1.4 X 2535

Technical Specifications

PropertyStandardTRASPIR 3D NET Value3D NET Value
Mass per unit areaEN 1849-2585 (300) g/m2350 g/m2
Thickness at 2 KPaEN 9861-1 8.5 mm7.5mm
Thickness at 10 KPaEN 9861-17.75 mm6.75 mm
StraightnessEN 1848-2Conforming-
Water vapour transmission (Sd)EN 1931/EN ISO 125720.02 m-
Maximum tensile fore MD/CDEN 12311-1325 / 225 N/50 mm-
Elongation MD/MCEN 12311-145/70%-
Resistance to tearing MD/MCEN 12310-1185/195 N-
Maximum tensile force MD/CD NETEN 12311-1-1.3/0.5 kN/50 mm
Elongation MD/CD NETEN 12311-1-95/65%
Water-tightnessEN 1928Class W1-
Water ColumnEN 20811> 250cm-
UV resistanceEN 13859-13 months3 months
Temperature resistance--40C/+80C-40C/+80C
Reaction to fireEN 13501-1Class EClass E
Resistance to penetration of airEN 12114<0.02m3/m2h50Pa0m3/m2h50Pa
After ageing:---
• maximum tensile force MD/CDEN 13859-1285/195 N/50 mm-
• water-tightnessEN 13859-1class W1-
• elongation MD/CDEN 13859-135/30%-
Flexibillity at low temperatureEN 1109-30˚c-
Dimensional stabilityEN 1107-2<2%-
Thermal conductivity (λ)-0.3 W/mKapprox. 0.3 W/mK
Specific heat-1800 J/kgK1800 J/kgK
Density-approx. 65 kg/m3approx. 35 kg/m3
Water vapour resistance factor (μ)-approx. 33-
Recommended installation pitch->5 degrees>5 degrees
Void ratio -95 %95 %
Impact sound attenuation index LwUNI EN ISO 140-8:199928(-3;+3) dB28(-3;+3) dB
Sound insulation power assessment index RwUNI EN ISO 10140-2:2010 UNI EN ISO 717-1:2013approx. 1 dBapprox. 1 dB
Variation in global level of weighted sound intensity A from driving rain noise LiAUNI EN ISO 140-18:2007approx. 4 dBapprox. 4 dB
VOC emissions-<0.02% (class A+)<0.02% (class A+)