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Traspir Evo 90

Monolithic Watertight-Airtight and highly vapour permeable membrane.

Monolithic elastomer (PE) film, extruded between two polypropylene (PP) protective layers.


High water-tightness and excellent weather resistance thanks to the special extruded mix.

B-s1, d0

Flame retardant certification, Euroclass R reaction to fire B-s1, d0 based on EN 13501-1. FI ≤ 5 to AS1530.2

Thermal Stability

The combination between polyester and the special membrane provide high thermal stability, up +100˚C.

Example of membrane use in one type of detail.

Membrane can be used in numerous different typologies.

Thanks to the special chemical composition that is flame retardant. It is suitable for use in applications on facades in direct contact with the ventilation chamber, or in cases in which the product is visible in internal environments.

Where can it be applied?

Icon of exterior applicationIcon of interior application

Codes and Dimensions

TEV090BD42402Traspir Evo 90 BS1D0-1.5x507528
TEV09030BD42407Traspir Evo 90 3.0m BS1D0-3.0x5015015

Technical Specifications

Mass per unit areaEN 1849-290 g/m^2
ThicknessEN 1849-20.3mm
StraightnessEN 1848-2Conforming
Water vapour transmission (Sd)EN 1931/EN ISO 125720.02m
Maximum tensile fore MD/CDEN 12311-1170/140 N/50 mm
Elongation MD/MCEN 12311-150/40%
Resistance to tearing MD/MCEN 12310-180/90 N
Water-tightnessEN 1928Class W1
UV resistanceEN 13859-13 months
Temperature resistance--40/+100˚c
Reaction to fireEN 13501-1Class B-s1, d0
Resistance to penetration of airEN 12114< 0.1m^3/m^2h50Pa
After ageing:--
• maximum tensile force MD/CDEN 13859-1128/ 105 N/50mm
• water-tightnessEN 13859-1Class W1
• elongation MD/CDEN 13859-138/30%
Flexibillity at low temperatureEN 1109-30˚c
Dimensional stabilityEN 1107-2<1%
Thermal conductivity (λ)-0.3 W/mk
Specific heat-1800 J/kgK
Density-Approx. 300kg/m^3
Water vapour resistance factor (μ)-Approx. 67
VOC emissions-0 % (class A+)