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Clima Control 80

Variable diffusion is ideal for new construction where there are high internal moisture levels that will take time to normalise and/or building use conditions where the humidity levels can be high.

Variable Diffusion - Intelligent Membrane

Variable resistance to vapour diffusion offers maximum protection where humidity levels within a building may fluctuate.

Where can it be applied?

Internal airtight and vapour control membrane for walls and ceiling.

Codes and Dimensions

Codeex codeDescriptionTapeH x L (m)A 75
CLIMA80D15402CLIMA CONTROL 80-1.5X5075

Technical Specifications

Mass per unit areaEN 1849-280 g/m2
ThicknessEN 1849-20.2mm
StraightnessEN 1848-2Conforming
Water vapour transmission (Sd)EN ISO 125720.2 -5m
Maximum tensile fore MD/CDEN 12311-2120 / 90 N/50 mm
Elongation MD/MCEN 12311-250 / 50%
Resistance to tearing MD/MCEN 12311-240 /40 N
Water-tightnessEN 1928conforming
Temperature resistance--20 / +80C
Reaction to fireEN 13501-1Class E
Resistance to penetration of airEN 12114<0.002 m3/m2h50Pa
Water vapour resistance--
• after ageingEN 1296conforming
• alkaline waterEN 13984npd
Thermal conductivity (λ)-0.2 W/mK
Specific heat-1700 J/kgK
Density-approx. 400 kg/m3
Water vapour resistance factor (μ)-approx. 1000 - 2500
Joint strength EN 12317-2npd
Impact resistanceEN 12691npd
VOC emissions-0 % (class A+)