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Clima Control 160

Internal Membrane with variable diffusion. With reinforcing layer and reinforcing grid.

Ideal for use in higher humidity environments from construction through to final use environments.

Can be used on sarked roofs and can provide construction protection/temporary weather protection cladding

Variable Diffusion

Variable diffusion offers maximum protection for moisture control in walls and roof.walls

Renovation of walls and roofs in Existing buildings

Ideal to increase energy performance in retrofitting existing walls and roofs

Sarked roof applications

Thanks to heavy duty construction is ideal for sarked roofs where membrane will be walked on during installation. Also UV stability means it can act, if required, as a Temporary Weather Protection cladding.

Codes and Dimensions

Codeex codeDescriptionTapeH X L (m)A (m2)

Technical Specifications

Mass per unit areaEN 1849-2160 g/m2
ThicknessEN 1849-20.5 mm
StraightnessEN 1848-2conforming
Water vapour transmission (Sd)EN 19310.5 - 5m
Maximum tensile fore MD/CDEN 12311-2325 / 230 N/50 mm
Elongation MD/MCEN 12311-210/10%
Resistance to tearing MD/MCEN 12311-2225/225 N
Water-tightnessEN 1928conforming
UV resistanceEN 13859-13 months
Temperature resistance--40/+80C
Reaction to fireEN 13501-1class E
Resistance to penetration of airEN 121140.00 m3/m2h50Pa
Water vapour resistance--
• after ageingEN 1296conforming
• in the presence of alkalisEN 13984npd
Thermal conductivity (λ)-0.3 W/mK
Specific heat-1800 J/kgK
Density-320 kg/m3
Water vapour resistance factor (μ)-approx. 1000 -10000
Recommended installation pitch->10 degrees
Joint StrengthEN 12317-2> 200 N/50 mm
Impact resistance EN 12691npd
VOC emissions-0 % (class A+)