Rothoblaas has over 40 membrane types to suit all application possibilities. From the alps to the ocean. From the deep south to the far North, From architectural partially open façade membranes in any colour to indoor swimming pool complexes. So, if you do not see what you need in 20/20’s initial NZ release, just let us know, we can supply it.

*FAB Membranes that can be used as a Flexible Air Barrier (FAB) that allows them to be used as Temporary Weather Protection Cladding for the continuous of the internal work prior to final installation of cladding.


  • Clima Control 160

    Internal Membrane with variable diffusion. Can be used on roof sarking to also provide Temporary weather protection cladding

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  • Clima Control 80

    Internal Airtightness Membrane with variable diffusion

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  • Traspir Evo 160

    Exterior Water/airtight yet vapour permeable membrane.Can be used as a Temporary weather protection Cladding.

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  • Traspir Evo 300

    External Extra Heavy Duty Roof Membrane. Water and Airtight, but highly vapour permeable.

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  • Traspir Evo 90

    Monolithic Watertight-Airtight and highly vapour permeable membrane.

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  • Traspir Evo UV 210

    External Membrane for Wall or Roof. Can be used for partially open facades. Water/airtight and highly vapour permeable. Resistant to UV rays.

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  • Traspir Metal & 3D mats for metal tray/standing seam roofs

    Exterior roof membrane with micro ventilation layer built into membrane, or as a separate 3D mat

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  • Vapor 150

    Internal Membrane with fixed vapour diffusion. Can be used on sarked roofs as a temporary weather protection cladding.

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